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1998 Heavy Metal Funkasson Michael Hampton  >>>Listen


1975 Let's Take It To The Stage / Funkadelic (Guitar)

1976 Mothership Connection / Parliament (Guitar)

1976 Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic / Funkadelic (Guitar, Co-Writer)

Clones of Dr. Funkenstein /Parliament (Guitar, Vocals)

1976 Hardcore Jollies / Funkadelic (Guitar, Drums, Guitar Effects, Co-writer)

1976 Stretchin' Out in / Bootsy's Rubber Band (Guitar)

1977 Ahh...The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! / Bootsy's Rubber Band (Guitar)

1977 Blow for Me, A Toot for You / Fred Wesley & The JB's (Guitar)

1977 Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome / Parliament (Guitar)

1978 All the Woo in the World / Bernie Worrell (Guitar)

1978 Funk or Walk / The Brides of Funkenstein (Guitar)

1978 Motor Booty Affair / Parliament (Guitar)

1978 One Nation Under a Groove / Funkadelic (Guitar, Co-writer)

1978 Pleasure Principle / Parlet (Guitar)

1979 Say Blow By Blow BackwardsFred Wesley & The JB's (Guitar)

1979 Invention Of The Booty Snatchers / Parlet (Guitar)

1979 Uncle Jam Wants You / Funkadelic (Guitar)

1979 Gloryhallastupid / Parliament (Guitar)

1980 Trombupilation / Parliament (Guitar)

1980 Play Me or Trade Me / Parlet (Guitar)

1980 Sweat Band (Guitar)

1981 Electric Spanking of War Babies / Funkadelic (Guitar, Vocals, Co-writer)

1983 Urban Dancefloor Guerillas / P-Funk All Stars (Guitar)

1983 You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish / George Clinton (Guitar, Rhythm Arrangements, Co-writer)

1990 Funk Of Ages / Bernie Worrel (Guitar, Co-writer)

2002 Plush Funk / George Clinton Family Seriese Vol.3 (Guitar, Co-Writer)

2003 Playwutchyalike: The Best of Digital Underground / Digital Underground (Guitar, Composer)

2004 Live on the off Days / 420 Funk Mob (Guitar)

2005 How Late Do U Have 2 B B 4 U R Absent? / George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic (Guitar)

 Upcoming & Ongoing Events
11.30.19 SAT Performing with The New Kings of Rhythm at Sprout Music Collective, Westchester, PA

Every Wednesday: The Invitational Jam / John & Peter's, New Hope PA

Past Events

8.24.19 SAT Funk'n Fish Fry Big Foot's Birthday Bash at Lamont Entertainment Center, Indian Head, MD

9.21.19 SAT Funkateer's Ball 2019 at Bethesda Blues& aJazz Supper Club, Bethesda, MD

8.17.19 SAT Performing with P-Funk Connection in 'Soul Funk Summer Festival 2019'  at Charles County Fairground, La Plata MD
8.3.19 SAT Performing with Sara Essie Riddle at 'Funk, Rasta, Submarine 2019' at Snipes Farm, Morrisville, PA
5.20.19 SAT Performing with P-Funk Connection in Campbellton Road Day Public Event, Atlanta GA
4.20.19 SAT Playing few P-Funk classics with "Deep Banana Blackout & Kung Fu" @ The Capitol Theatre / Portchester 
4.6.19 SAT Playing few P-Funk classics with "Deep Banana Blackout & Kung Fu" @ The Capitol Theatre / Portchester 

12.31.18 Appearing in "Deaner in tha Dumpsta" with The Dean Ween Group @ Cervantes' Masrerpiece Ballroom Denver CO
10.26.18 "The Real Other Woman" Celebration of the Legacy of Jessie Mae Robinson @ Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA
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8.25.18 Summer Soul Funk Festival  With P-Funk Connection / Regency Furniture Stadium, Waldorf, MD
>> Tickets
5.12.18 D.C. Funk Parade After Party / The HowardTheatre, Washington D.C.
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4.28.18 Sat: Guest appearance @ Talent Night at World Cafe Live / World Cafe Live Upstairs, Philadelphia PA >> Tickets

8.26.17 Soul Funk Jazz Summer Festival with P-Funk Connection / Rosecroft Raceway, Fort Washington MD

9. 02.17 Funkateer's Ball / Martin's Cross Winds, Greenbelt, MD

5.6.17 SAT DC Funk Parade "Maggot Brain Jam Session" / Washington, DC

5.5.17 FRI  Funk Parade Kick Off Party with 
Brides of Funkenstein & Clone Of Funk - Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern & Market / Washington, DC

Michael Hampton

Posted by Michael Hampton on Tuesday, June 23, 2015
NEWS!! Immediate Press release:
Rock ‘n’Roll Hall of Fame Inductee from the Parliament Funkadelic Presents All New Kidd Funkadelic® Band

Past Events

2016 Events

4.23.16 SAT BUX FEST / Bucks County Community College

4.24.16 SUN We the People Restoration Rally / Philadelphia Municipal Services Building Plaza

5.7.16 SAT Maggot Brain Guitar JAM SESSION @  3rd Annual Funk Parade / Washington, DC

5.14.16 SAT The River Roots Music & Art Festival / Snipes Farm and Education Center

9.23.16 FRI Funkateer's Ball @ Martin's Crosswinds / Greenbelt MD

11.4 & 5 WED & THU 
Pop Up Gig w/ members of DDegennaro Band @ Bucks County Community College

11.14.15 SAT 
Danny DeGennaro Creative Inspiration Concert / Bucks County Community Ciolllege

 11.27.15 FRI 
Jimi Hendrix Birthday Tribute / BB King Blues Club, NYC
9.18.15 FRI Guest appearance @Jimi Hendrix memorial Tribute w/ Jimy Bleu / Lucille's @ BB King Blues Club NYC
8.01.15 SAT Guest Appearance in Double A band w / Ahmad Ali @ Lobster Roll Northside
8.02.15 SUN Guest Appearance in Double A band w / Ahmad Ali @ Bayard Cutting Arboretum
7.31.15 FRI Guest Appearance in Double A band w / Ahmad Ali @ Spirits Promise Rescue  7.2.15 THU Thursday Curtain Call @ Fran's Pub, New Hope PA
7.9.15 THU Thursday Curtain Call @ Fran's Pub, New Hope PA
6.18.15 THU Thursday Curtain Call @ Fran's Pub, New Hope PA
6.9.15 TUE FUNK NITE HISTORY & MUSIC SPECIAL @The Village Underground, NYC
5.2.15 SAT Maggot Brain Guitar JAM SESSION @  2nd Annual Funk Parade / Washington, DC

3.15.15 SUN Frank McComb & Friends In Concert/ Morristown NJ 
3.7.15 SAT Open Jam @ Funkadelic Studio / New York NY
2.21.15 SAT Danny Rio DeGennaro Birthday Event / Levittown, PA


Michael Hampton is a Funk Rock guitarist, composer and musical director and a Rock 'n Roll Hall of fame inductee with the band George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic in 1997.

He joined the Parliament Funkadelic tour at the Capitol Center in Landover MD 1974 after he was asked by one of the band members to perform at their after party, where he impressed George Clinton by demonstrating his skill as a fresh out of high school guitar prodigy. As the original lead guitarist Eddie Hazel's on and off presence, Hampton's performances became fixture of their concert over the years.

He started to teach himself picking up various numbers from the radio with a guitar given to him when he was 10 years old. During high school he took lessons from a Jazz guitar player, who taught him technique, from various scales to “ghost noting” which rooted deep into his signature style, simultaneous “melody-chord-speed”. This training helped him to establish his musical versatility and complexity to this day. While Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Albert King, Wes Montgomery were some of the biggest influence to him, he was receptive to many different genres and players.
Hampton's first studio recording was Bootsy's Rubber Band's “album "Stretchin' Out In”" (1976). As he built his unique solo style with precision and groove, George Clinton describes him “"Perfected the concept to play solo with melody of the song."” He has recorded leads on Parliament Funkadelic's hits and well known numbers on their live performances, such as “"Maggot Brain”" “"Red Hot Momma”" "“Cosmic Slop”" "“Knee Deep””" "One Nation Under A Groove", co-written "Mr. Wiggles" "Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock?" "Adolescent Funk" " Funk Gets Stronger", as well as Clinton's side project Brides of Funkenstein "Never Buy a Texas From A Cowboy" Clinton's Solo "Stingy" as notable credits. He is also a multi instrumentalist including drums, keyboards, synth programming as credited on Funkadelic's album "The Electric Spanking of War Babies"

Besides being a main member of P-funk, Hampton has been playing and recording on various projects. In the best acclaimed P-funk spin off band, 420 Funk Mob, Deee Lite along with Bootsy Collins, he went out to world tour (1994), also appears on Bill Laswell's various projects with Bernie Worrel, recorded with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Too $hort's album (1992 & 1996) and worked on his studio project, co-written Digital Underground's single "Wussup Wit the Luv" (2003).
Hampton recorded his 1st complete solo album, “Heavy Metal Funkason” (1998) which emphasis on his rocker side. It features his heavy fuzzy guitar solo with psychedelic and earthy atmosphere from Funkadelic with straight rock groove.

In 2015, Hampton has parted the Parliament Funkadelic tour band and is working on his new materials includes his own Kidd Funkadelic Band, as well as collaborating with other artist across genres.